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About US

Persian Carpet Gallery

The persian carpet is a talking and living symbol of a proud history and culture of the land, a reach jewel and native treasure.

Human history and the passing of the charter of this land repeatedly, picture by pictures and colors hold the hand and vision of the spectators, carring them through millennials, very lighty.

For the beginning the world of culture has recognized Iranian culture on two separate factors, the virtues and the appetite for beauty, this result can be seen on the face of a Persian rug.

Persian carpets are still the most talked about in the world and show the Iranian taste and thrill and Persian oride and honor furishing musum, placec, offices and galleries of worlds greatest scholars and geniuses.

Is looking out for lovers of beauty, whoes honesty is their face and kindness is their investment, so that a unique piece of this lands art can be placed in their care and custody for all time.

We follow the view of lovers of beauty to be the finest