Persian handwoven carpet and its types

Each nation has a symbolic commodity, which Iran is regarded as an exemplary country in the field of textile production. handwoven carpet is one of the most important and export goods of Iran. Persian handwoven carpet is considered to be the most famous handwoven carpet in the world.Iran is one of the most famous manufacturer of handwoven rugs in the whole world.

What is a handwoven carpet?

Rugs can be considered as the main commodities of every Iranian’s life. There are certainly some rugs in every Iranian’s home. Iranians have long been known for their handwoven carpets and are woven with silk threads in various designs. Carpet weaving is a complex art. When a carpet is woven, the whole design and color of a weaver can be felt in every single strand. Carpet weaving is a valuable work of art. Carpet is an Arabic word meaning broad in Persian meaning carpet.

Iranian handwoven carpets

Persian handwoven carpet has different types in different designs. Isfahan, Kerman and Tabriz handwoven carpets have always been popular among other cities, including:
handwoven carpet of Qom
Kashan handwoven carpet
handwoven carpet
Mashhad handwoven carpet
Isfahan handwoven carpet
Tabriz handwoven carpet

Kashan handwoven carpet

Know that the Iranian carpet weaving and art weaving is done in some Iranian cities with more precision and craftsmanship.The art of carpet weavers in some cities has become more popular because of its elegance and beauty in workmanship and precision.One of the most popular carpets among Iranians is Kashan handwoven carpet. It is well known in Iran and worldwide and is sold in various designs and colors.The unparalleled beauty of Kashan handwoven carpet has made it possible for customers to buy and sell. The city of Kashan during the Safavid era was one of the most prestigious centers of handwoven carpet making, which made Kashan handwoven carpet classy.

Tabriz handwoven carpet

Another famous Iranian city that specializes in handwoven carpets production and has many fans is the beautiful city of Tabriz. The artist’s weaving factory weaves carpets in special designs and colors. The delicacy of this type of carpet is found in the lowest handwoven carpet. Tabriz city has been the cradle of producing and distributing different types of carpets in different designs and models. Tabriz handwoven rug is one of the most special and best handwoven and handwoven products in Iran and worldwide. The art of carpet weaving in Tabriz dates back to the Safavid period. The art first began in the countryside by male and female weavers, with a knit and symmetrical knot that was unique in its kind and gradually became large carpet workshops until it was exported to the whole world.

Isfahan handwoven carpet

Isfahan Artistic and Artistic City In addition to the arts in the field of copper and enamel and carving, there is something to be said about the carpet. There are many artists and weavers in the city who weave carpets and produce beautifully designed carpets.

handwoven carpet of Qom

Qom also has something to say about the art of carpet weaving. handwoven carpets of Qom have special color scheme with varied designs.

handwoven carpet

Another city that specializes in hand knit carpet weaving is Nain. The art of carpet weaving in this city is similar to that of Isfahan and Tabriz.

Which city has the best handwoven rugs?

All handwoven carpets of Iranian weavers are very elegant and not all of them are the best. But Tabriz handwoven carpet is more popular among the people because of the precision and elegance and color used in this carpet.

Best handwoven carpet in Iran

The best brand of handwoven carpet in Iran is Tabriz and Nayin Isfahan handwoven carpet which is exported to other countries of the world.

Specifications of Iranian handwoven carpet

Iranian handwoven carpet is woven in 4 molds of bergamot, brick and mortar, the most popular of which is bergamot mold. The bergamot pattern on the handwoven carpet is such that it has a wide border around it and oval and circular designs in the middle. One of the beauty indicators of handwoven carpets is the symmetry in the colors used in the texture. The more carpeted the rug becomes, the more valuable and expensive it will be. The rugs should be bright and flexible. Be careful when buying because of the variety of handwoven carpets.

Design and role of handwoven rugs

What makes a carpet unique is its texture and elegance, and more importantly the texture of the weave. Weaver’s accuracy in choosing the right colors, and the kind of texture that is neither too stiff nor too loose is a nice one. Design and role in Iranian carpet including:
Types of handwoven carpet designs

King Abbasi’s plan
Islamic design
Spray Design
Beetle Jacket Design
Tree design
Plan of the hunt
Frame design
Turkmen and Bukhara designs
Design of flowers
Scrambled fish pattern
Altar design
Confidentiality Plan
Flower Design
Illy’s plan
Geometric design
Design of Antiquities and Islamic Buildings
Derivative design
Integrated design

Materials used in handwoven rugs

The materials used in carpet weaving should be of high quality and high quality. Cotton and wool is one of the materials used in Iranian handwoven carpets. Carpets and rugs woven with cotton wool and wool are called wool rugs. This type of fabric is more common among nomads who use wool instead of yarn.

Persian handwoven carpet

Types of handwoven carpet taropod models

All silk carpet
Silk flowers
Silk carpet

Full silk rug: The lint used in it is high quality silk yarn.
Silk Flower: They use silk on the periphery and in carpet roles of silk flower instead of wool.
Silk carpet: Used in the field of silk carpet instead of wool of silk
Perch: It has a role and a flower and a bush, and the background of the perch carpet
is made of thick and thin weft.

handwoven silk carpet

Silk yarn is one of the materials used in handwoven carpets, carpets made of silk yarn are both more expensive and more beautiful because of their thin and delicate silk and are more popular among people. Carpets that weavers of Tabriz or Kashan weave are silk or woolen yarns. The same thing has made these two types of carpets popular.

Persian handwoven carpet

handwoven rugs abroad

handwoven carpets are exported to about 5-6 countries around the world. Of course the price of these types of carpets is high and it is a luxury item which is why it is mostly seen in luxurious Iranian and overseas homes. The most important exporting countries of Iran handwoven rugs are UAE, Lebanon, Italy, Pakistan, Germany and France.

European and Asian countries account for the largest share of Iranian handwoven carpets. Even carpet exports continue to export because of the availability of raw materials in the country itself.

Persian handwoven carpet

Buy handwoven carpets

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Persian handwoven carpet

Buy handwoven rugs

Buying handwoven carpets is a luxury item that doubles the beauty of the home. The design and color of the carpet is very important in choosing a carpet, usually choosing the carpet color according to the color of the furniture. If you would like to buy handwoven rugs for your dowry, home or any other place, you can contact Persiana Pius Carpet at phone numbers. If you need advice on choosing the color scheme and the design you want, you can get help from our consultants.

Persian handwoven carpet

handwoven carpet prices

As you know, the price of handwoven rugs is very high and there are many factors that affect its price. The more valuable this product is, the more expensive it will be. One of the most important factors in determining the price of a carpet is the density of the carpet. The price will also be higher, handwoven rugs are available in various designs and roles on the market, be careful not to introduce third-class goods in the first-rate format. The silk yarn used for carpet weaving has a direct impact on the price of the carpet because the silk yarn has to be hard to use because of the thin weaver. And also in the term weaving because of the thinner carpet yarn it is woven late so it requires more yarn and the silk yarn itself is very expensive so the carpet with silk yarn is very expensive.

Persian handwoven carpet

Persian Carpet Gallery (Pius Carpet Gallery)

Iranian handwoven carpets are known as a symbol of Iranian authenticity and art all over the world and have many fans all over the world as about one third of the handwoven carpets are woven in Iran. Iranian handwoven carpets are of all tastes due to their variety in design. Its high quality is also a prominent feature of Iranian handwoven carpets, which is why old handwoven carpets that have survived for many years have more material and spiritual value than other carpets.




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