Persian rug

Iranians have the first word in the field of  persian handwoven carpets in Iran. With professional knitters, the city designs and weaves special designs of handwoven Persian rug.

Perisan handwoven rugs

handwoven rugs are one of the most important handicrafts in Iran which has a worldwide reputation. The carpet weaving industry in Iran has a long history, starting before the Safavid era. Early in the carpet project, the rural plan was woven with a census of 24, and as the carpet weaving industry grew, its number increased to 110. And because of the courtesy’s attention to this art, the industry has become known as courtesy art.


handwoven rug structure

The most textured rug in Iran is woven. The knot was hooked in a symmetrical type, the same as the Turkish, and the suture was twisted. The Persian rug is very durable and strong and its wool and lint are wool. Maku, a narrow foothold, is one of the major wool producers used in the Iranian carpet weaving industry. Maku is located in northwestern Iran between Turkey and the Nakhichevan Republic. Maku wool, despite its quality, is a bit rough and rough than other parts of western and northwestern Iran, which makes the carpet a bit rough.

One of the characteristics of Iranian carpets is the appearance of these carpets that is neither silky nor brilliant. One of the reasons for the dryness and lack of transparency of these rugs is the saltiness of Tabriz water and its use in dyeing.


Iran rug yarn

Carpet weaving yarns consist of two threads, thick and thin. The first strand, white or gray, is intended to make the rug bulky and elastic, which is passed through the ends of the threaded yarns that lie on two underside surfaces. The second strand, either red or blue in oil, passes through the first strings. However, the yarns of the blades that separate the first string are tightly knit together. This means that the threads of the lower strings are located below the face and the upper strings.

Characteristics of Persian rugs

Iranian handwoven rugs have certain standards and are designed by experienced professors. The fineness and the high count are characteristic of Persian rugs. Rugs in Iran have many layouts and colors. Carpet rugs are generally short and paid for by specialist people. The high quality of fibers used in Iranian handwoven rugs is one of the most important advantages of these rugs. The art used in Tabriz carpets is to create depth with a light shade.


Equipment for Iranian rug fabric


Vertical or vertical for this reason it is nicknamed the invention of Tabriz. In Iran, because of the simplicity of the device, it is used cheaply.


The hook or knife is made of a sharp blade and hook that is inserted at the end of the blade. Instead of knitting by hand, the hook is used and the blade is used to cut the yarn after knitting.

Carpet dyeing

One of the first carpet weaving centers in Iran where the western colors of western countries have increased and old colors have been replaced by modern colors. The carpet weaving industry is one of the most important and advanced carpet weaving industry in Iran and has evolved in the field of dyeing.

The colors used

The colors used in the rug are very varied and because of their cheapness and ease of dyeing with European colors, they have attracted Iranian carpets because of their high cost and time consuming. Aniline and cream colors are used to combine exterior paints that were fixed with potassium bicaramate, which is more commonly used for low-cost carpets.

Points for Iranian Rugs

The benefits of the Persian rug that distinguishes this rug from other rugs are as follows:

Rug knot

Each rug is woven with knots. Each of these nodes is a distinguishing feature of other rugs.

Being a double poodle

Another advantage of rugs is their double-sided rugs and their shades are usually shorter, lighter and thinner.

Rug design

Carpets are designed by well-known and experienced carpet designers, and the result is so neat and tidy that it has a great look for everyone.

Prices of persian rugs

Price of handwoven silk rug due to its high variety has different price according to the above mentioned features, persian rug according to carpet dimensions, materials used, color used, number of rugs, type of yarn Used and … its cost is determined.

Buy Persian rug

If you want to buy handwoven silk rugs you can visit the carpet gallery on the site or in person at the Pius Carpet Gallery and choose and buy your own rug.

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